Porn Addiction Recovery

Every day thousands of people coping with porn addiction make full recoveries. The Brain has a feature called Plasticity. This means it is capable of rewiring itself. This takes time but it is possible. Hope is your new ally. Do not give in to despair. Do not give in to the fear you feel inside. Take a chance. You have suffered long enough already. There are trained specialists who can help you and your partner rediscover the love you once felt. If you are single, treatment will provide you with new opportunities to have loving relationships with others. Addiction Recovery Treatment consists of four main stages:

  1. Assessment
  2. Recovery Mapping
  3. Group or Couple Therapy
  4. Review and Analysis

Each stage will explain on your first visit. But we realize that the shock you are feeling may blur your senses so we try to go very slowly, at a pace that makes sense to you. We do not use a 12 step program.

We only use the most successful psychological strategies available instead. We do not insist on you having a Higher Power during your addiction recovery, this is a matter of personal choice but is not part of our treatment methods. We firmly believe that with time, your own personal resources, and effective specialist care that anyone can fully recover from their illness and live the lives they were born to live. We work with the Survivors of the Addiction, the family, or partners and we also work with Teenagers affected by Porn Addiction. So, if you think that you or your child may have issues with pornography addiction, sex addiction, or love addiction please call us today on 01 4982242.