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Dublin 16
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We look forward to working with you and giving you back the life you deserve.

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Please read these terms and condition carefully before getting in touch.
Once a session time and date has been accepted by the client, the client is liable for the fee for that
session, (80 euro), unless 48 hours notice is received to cancel the session. All missed sessions must
be paid for or the therapeutic work can’t continue, unfortunately.
Sessions are 50 minutes in duration to allow for case notes to be processed.
Everything said to me is confidential, except where there is a grave risk to life, or where there is a
disclosure of sexual abuse of children. In this case, I will need to inform the relevant authorities.
Clients must be ready to start their session at the appointed time, if you are late, unfortunately, I
may not be able to add on extra time. If possible, I will do my best.
In certain situations, I may recommend books or websites that may be of help in your journey. When
possible, please complete this homework to improve your results.
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