The Healing Begins’ service specialises in Couples Therapy. Couples are affected in very deep ways by sex addiction or porn addiction. These addictions cross boundaries of trust and intimacy in ways that other addictions may not.

The cause of many addictions is a shame. If an addict is being treated but their partner has not received any care or support, the addict may be misunderstood which then contributes to the cycle of shame.

A key factor in these addictions is the damage it does to the couple’s sexual intimacy. Often there are significant wounds in couple’s sexual dynamic that needs to be repaired.

Some partners may feel unloved, unwanted, ashamed and afraid and rejected as a result of their partners acting out. Without proper support, partners may be left in distress.

Society often thinks that the porn addict must have a very high sex drive. This is rarely the case. Many addicts find it difficult or in some cases impossible to feel desire for their partners as they are so confused and ashamed of their behavior.  Naturally, this just reinforces the rejection the partner feels.

Sexual dysfunction affects thousands of couples. Our treatment program will address the root causes of these issues and offer effective treatments to couples affected by these problems.